Sunrise UPC GmbH & SELISE!

SELISE enabled us for 4 years to reach our goals and targets and basically built the state of the art customer facing portal!

Ekrem Koeylueer, Wholesale Lead
Sunrise UPC (Liberty Global)

Sunrise UPC trusts SELISE and digitizes their B2B & B2C sales experience!

Since November 2020, after the largest merger of two companies in recent Swiss history, Sunrise and UPC have been working together to progress technical and operational integration, so customers can benefit from a comprehensive product and service portfolio. in the telecommunication industry in Switzerland.

As a digital platform partner, SELISE has been working with both Sunrise and UPC pre-merger and has provided continuous support with state of the art service design and digital platform development to improve their wholesale and retail experience for all relevant stakeholders, including customers and employees!

Through the development of the portals designed keeping the best UX practices in mind, the manual processes in place were streamlined, which resulted in a tailored business specifically. This led to standardized digital processes leading to less resource and time consumption and faster growth in Sunrise UPC business operations!

Client Benefits

  • Streamlined and Standardized Product Configuration Process
    With the wholesale & Point 2 portal developed, the existing manual processes were digitized and automated through custom product creation, document management and greater flexibility to suit customer needs!

  • Improved & Automated Quote Creation for Customers
    The portal allows users to do granular customizations on a site level depending on their customers’ business needs and helps users pick the combination that puts the customer first, becoming a one stop solution to get quotes and place orders!

  • Data Visualized for Decision Making
    The portal stores all sales data across multiple stakeholders and provides a custom dashboard to the managers enabling better decision making from an top-down approach!

Our MicroServices for Sunrise UPC GmbH

Quote Generator

The Quote Generator tool supports bulk quotation for over thousands of sites with easy quote creation by sales or even the customers along with tracking the order status.

Configure Quote Price Engine

This Product Configurator Tool allows the user to create products from scratch or a set template, while building features in a step by step guided process and allows to group products by service, types, packages, and much more as well as configure bundles.  

Identity & Access Management

The Identity & Access Management Module provides the flexibility to a platform with Role-Based Dynamic permissions, providing the users the smooth access to information from a central platform.

Let's Grow Together!

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Linus Eberhard, COO

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